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Princess Jokceebe Radio aims to entertain, inspire and enrich listeners through electronics mix of musical , culture, Educational programs and services. We act as a Forum for our people and issues that typically lack media access and promotes positive social change.


Princess Jokceebe Hailed from Abeokuta, Ogun state, Nigeria. Happily married to Omobolaji Akolawole with kids. Princess is a former presenter of 'Baiye se nlo' on Roots Radio Love, Washington DC.

Also a  Former presenter of 'Iriri Aye and Aye Loja on TNI Radio, New York City and

She's presently a presenter of  Ayeloja,  E ku Atijo  Kasun Layo, on princess jokceebe radio ' Arikogbon'  and ' Agbo Ariya' on ABN TV,  Family Palava and Producer of Tanmo on Vinyard  television, Houston , Texas , U.S.A.

Omobolaji Akolawole (Husband) is a former staff of First Bank of Nigeria, Worked with 'NTA' Akure Oba-ile as A reporter. Also a Former  co-presenter of Ayeloja on TNI Radio New York.

Presently his  a Presenter of  'Ajoro','Ekiti Kete','Alejo Ayo' on Princess Jokceebe Radio and 'Arikogbon 'On ABN Television , Director of Tanmo,  Family palava on Vinyard Television both in Houston, Texas USA.